Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is this where we're headed?

I like this kid!  He reminds me a lot of me.

For over half a century we've been able to sit in the comfort and privacy of our own homes and watch sporting events on TV, complete with replay, slow motion, and color commentary.  You don't actually have to be at the stadium.

With travel costs what they are today it's become an accepted business practice to conduct meetings with colleagues and clients all over the world in real time via teleconferencing.  You don't actually have to go the meeting in person.

They say the time is almost here when you can sit in you own home and have a doctor examine and diagnose your ailments using telemetry from little devices you can stick on your body or cameras that can look in your ears or up you nose.  You don't actually have to go to the doctor's office.

So how come we still have to go in person to weddings and funerals?  Gifts from Amazon delivered direct via FedEx to the newlyweds....real-time witnessing of the ceremony via streaming internet....eulogies delivered by loved-ones standing in front of a "green screen"....  Will this be how we'll all married and buried in the future?  

Not to be disrespectful, but just think how pleasant it will be to not have to put up with all the little smart-assed Timmy's of the world.  ;)



  1. Next thing you'll be telling us is that you don't need a woman to have sex with and this, too, can be done on the computer. Wait a minute....

    1. Step away from the computer CC

    2. Yes, you guys ARE nuts. Everyone knows it's done with a phone.

  2. Scott, you may be a genius!

  3. Oh no you didn't! I am NOT giving up my share of the wedding cake!

  4. Hopefully I'll be able to make a hologram of me to appear at the wedding or funeral or family reunions while in reality I'll be somewhere more interesting.

  5. Ten years ago, one of my co-workers got married in Vegas. We watched the ceremony in the office live via the Internet. I think we even had some cake, just for the hell of it. So it's not where we're headed, it's already happening.

    However, I refuse to think about a colonoscopy via the Internet, 'cuz I'm not sticking anything up...well, you know. :-p