Saturday, April 13, 2013

And he has a bad haircut, too.

Yeah, yeah....I know.  We're supposed to be all hot and bothered by the little North Korean leader dude, but frankly, I'm just not feelin' it.  He just doesn't look the part.  He looks like he should be sitting in that teacup ride at Disney World going round and round.  Or maybe eating cotton candy while waiting for his turn on a ferris-wheel somewhere.

I mean, think of all the really bad guys over the last century....Hitler, Stalin, Mao Say Dung, Saddam What'shisname....they just reeked of evil, right?  This Korean guy, not so much.  I think he should be the poster child showing what happens when parents indulge their kids too much and don't discipline them during their formative years.

As for my personal feelings for Dear Leader III....I'll just follow my alter ego's lead:

Now back to our regularly scheduled Saturday morning cartoons.



  1. I guess the first place they're going to nuke is Tokyo, so we really have nothing to worry about.

  2. Finally a picture of Mr. Rogers that isn't sweet enough to make me grind my teeth. He probably isn't making an uncooperative finger gesture but it sure looks like it.

  3. I'm just shaking my head about the whole situation... From what I've heard, North Koreans are starving to the extent that they dig up recently buried bodies of relatives to eat them and this guy wants to go to war?

    I agree with you - he's just posturing, but the whole situation is just so ... insane.

  4. Baby faced, pampered and childish. That was my first thought the first time I saw his picture. Now they are posting all kinds of pics of him sitting at various tables, surrounded by mostly old dudes, apparently making "important" decisions. Like, who is going to eat and starve today? What a pathetic regime that doesn't care to even feed it's own people.