Sunday, April 14, 2013

Becoming obsessed....

Yesterday while K and I were out running errands we stopped for a few minutes to watch a local rugby match at a park in Dallas.  K had done some research and found that there was actually a (very) amateur league that plays here in North Texas.  We saw the Dallas Diablos (with the orange/white jerseys) play a team from Denton (30 miles north).  

While it was nothing like the English Premiership level competition we watch on TV, it was still interesting.  In fact, it was the first live rugby game I'd ever seen, complete with all the scrums, rucks, and mauls I'd read about in Rugby Union For Dummies.  (I was definitely their target audience.)

I wish I was 30 years....make that 40 years younger.  I would have signed up on the spot.  I mean, who really needs teeth and straight noses anyway?

The Dallas ladies rugby team played right after the Diablos, but we didn't stick around to watch.  (They scared me.  ;)



  1. A ladies' rugby team? I'd be scared, too.

    Trying to visualize a young lady who thinks teeth and straight noses are overrated... No, I'm gonna stop that right now.

  2. It was very cool to see it in person....and for free ; they were no professionals but seem to have great fun.

  3. If you are going to switch from Football to rugby you better pack your bags and get out of Texas...Damn, what's

  4. Switch from football? Blasphemy! Rugby is my new favorite sport during football's off season. Soccer...,hahaha!

  5. I think I'd be scared, also. Ladies can play one fierce game.