Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I think I would make a fine King

Here is the new King of the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander, shown with his mother, Queen Beatrix, who officially abdicated her throne yesterday so her son could have a go at it.  The papers said for years there had been some quiet concerns that Willem-Alexander, who was seen as a bit lazy, wouldn't be up to the rigors of being a reigning monarch. 

Come to think of it I do sorta see the resemblance.

Somebody help me out here....what exactly does a Dutch King do?  I'm thinking maybe attend a few ribbon cuttings, dedicate the reclamation of another few acres from the North Sea now and then, officially declare the opening of Tulip Week, make a trip to the airport every once in a while when a VIP comes through....what else? 

If it turns out Willem can't hack it, I'm available.  ;)


When the temperature starts creeping up, and when I see Home Depot ads like this ^ , I remember why I'm a home builder living in an apartment.  And that's just page one.


Some days I think it's probably a curse to have a logical mind. Every day I see and hear things and I wonder, "What were they thinking?"  I spend so much time shaking my head in disbelief I'm afraid I'll someday give myself a whiplash.



  1. Why you..you..you Anti-Netherlandian you!

    Here in Aruba this was, a big deal, a Holiday and all!

    From what I hear, he has a big pair of wooden shoes to fill.

  2. I was wondering the same thing about the Dutch king. But it's got to be good to be king in a country with legalized pot and hookers.

  3. I read somewhere that the Principality of Orange ( the Dutch Royal family) is no longer in the Netherlands but in Belgium. Hoe did that happen?

  4. I get tired just reading that to-do list!

  5. There's such a thing as a Butterfly Garden?! I want a Butterfly Garden! Quick build me a house!

    1. Hey, you're a Seabee. You build it.