Friday, April 5, 2013

Maybe I've been too hard on the French

Ever since The Great War it's been pretty easy....fashionable poke fun at the French.  Example:

TV NEWS:  "Today it was announced that the French will be sending a battalion of troops to join the coalition fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan."

ME:  "Umm....could they just donate a hundred bucks instead?"

But today I read that a "Parisian archive" (whatever that is) has brought in four of these rather shaggy looking sheep to eat the grass on the grounds of the archive (whatever that is).  They're obviously trying to go Green and mothball their lawn mowers, letting the sheep graze to their heart's content instead.

Bravo Parisian archive!  (Whatever that is.)  Credit where credit is due.

Homeowners of America....UNITE!  Let's follow the lead of this innovative Parisian archive (whatever that is) and ditch our lawnmowers.  Just think how much more pleasant our weekends would be if we just left the lawn mowing to the sheep?  And the fertilizing, too.  Screw the HOA!  They want Green?  Let's give 'em Green!


OK, one last dig at the French. (Old habits die hard.)

It seems that back during one of the many Anglo-French Wars the French captured a British officer.  During his interrogation the French asked him why the British always wore red uniforms?

The British officer explained that if he were to be wounded in battle his blood wouldn't show on his uniform and his men wouldn't become demoralized.

The French realized what a morale-boosting idea this was and that is why, to this very day, French officers wear brown pants.  ;)

Now you know.  Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Haha. The joke about the red uniform of British soldiers reminds me of Spike Milligan’s war memoirs. The memoirs were straight, but he illustrated them with archive photos from earlier periods such as the Boer War, when of course the red uniform and white crossbelts were still in use. One of the photos was of a group of such men, to which he’d added the caption “Members of 19 Battery marked with large white crosses to make them easier targets for the Germans.”

  2. We were telling my mom that if she doesn't want to mow the lawn she should just get a goat (or sheep) to do it for her. Plus you get fertilizer thrown in for free!

    Anyway, I admire the French greatly for their Fries and their Toast.

  3. You're so baaad :)

    You know Mike would be first in line to get a sheep to mow the lawn. Ha!

  4. I've always loved that joke about French brown pants. The sheep idea won't work though unless you want to get rid of your lawn completely because sheep pull up and eat grass roots. Cattle only nip the tops off grass, allowing the shoots to grow back. If I'm not mistaken, this was the reason for the cattle/sheep wars of the past century.

  5. The French Uniform joke...I will steal that one.

    @Stephen Hayes - Damn Chubby, if i ever get on that Millionaire quiz show will you be my phone a friend?

  6. I don't need a sheep or cattle. I have a teenager!