Friday, April 12, 2013

All things bacon....

I'm NOT a bacon-holic.  I can quit anytime.  Some day I may quit, but not now.  I don't need help, just more bacon.  Well, I don't NEED more bacon, but I just find that it helps me take the edge off....

Oh, hell.  Does the Betty Ford Clinic have a "bacon wing"?

Of course this is all in jest.  I do like bacon on my hamburgers, but that's only one every week or two.  And I do enjoy a traditional eggs and bacon breakfast on Sunday mornings, but rarely on a weekday.

I enjoy a bacon-wrapped filet mignon, but after it's grilled I don't eat the bacon.  It's just there to keep the filet juicy since filet is just beef tenderloin with no fat around it.  That's about the extent of my bacon intake.  Oh...and I like crumbled-up bacon on top of a salad, too.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

And when I cook bacon instead of cooking it in a skillet on the cooktop, with the finished product just laying there in a pool of grease, I cook it on top of paper towels in the microwave.  I like mine slightly crispy.

Looking online, however, I've found some recipes for various "bacon-infused" products that I think might have originated in the minds of people who could actually use a few days at Betty Ford.  For example:

How about a bacon, coffee and vodka "breakfastini"?

And the ever popular bacon and hard liquor. (OK, this one isn't so far fetched.)

White chocolate and bacon cookies, anyone?

Screw "sweet tooth".   How about "bacon tooth"?

And finally, for the guy who's both bacon obsessed and sexually innovative...

'Nuff said.

Have a great weekend everyone.  *off to the pharmacy*  ;)



  1. I don't get the fascination with bacon. There's even bacon flavored coffee and probably ice cream. Yuck. I've always preferred sausage.

    1. I like sausage, too, aka bacon's blue-collar cousin. ;)

  2. I usually pick sausage when I'm out because they rarely fix bacon to my specifications - just this side of burnt. I like it EXTRA crispy. Mmm - I want some bacon even now...

    P.S. This is a good try, but I'm not sure it will stop Betina & me from tagging you in bacon related posts on Facebook :)

    1. And I'd be disapointed if you stopped tagging me over my supposed bacon fetish. ;)

    2. We definitely would not want to disappoint you!

  3. You post quickly went from funny to amusing to hilarious...until I got to the bacon condoms. There are no words for that.

    And you know that Dana and I will look extra hard for any bacon Facebook memes now!

  4. You don't eat the bacon that comes wrapped around a filet mignon?
    That's crazy talk.

    1. Steve....problem is I like my steak medium rare, and when I take it off the grill the bacon is no where crispy enough for my taste. I guess I could take it off the steak and microwave it some more....EUREKA! Thanks Steve!

  5. Chocolate and bacon cookies? Why on earth would anyone do that!!! I like bacon well enough, but chocolate is sacrosanct!