Monday, April 29, 2013

Has it really come to this?

Yesterday we drove into Dallas to the Lakewood area....I wanted to get some photos of one particular home I once saw there.  While in the area we stopped at the Whole Earth Provisioning Company, or as I call it, "the hippie store".  It has outdoor gear, shoes, clothes, etc, but the thing I like most about this store is it's book department.  They have titles you just don't see at a "normal" bookstore.  Like....

Has it really come to this?  Have we become so "civilized" we need a book to tell us how to answer nature's call?  Notice it's the Third Edition, like the author suddenly realized she got the sequence wrong or something.

Now this one actually piqued my interest.  Try as I might, rap makes no sense to me.  What are they saying?  Even if you can mute that infernal base and actually hear the words, it's like some weird jibberish.  

I started to buy it, but then decided it was cheaper to just keep doing what I've always done....turn it off.

This one was hilarious.  For example:

"In recent years, white people have loved giving their children two last names.  This is a direct result of white women thinking it's sexist and outdated to take their husband's name.  The only logical solution is to give the kid a split last name.  White people can't get enough of it!"  

"As this is a recent phenomenon, we have yet to see what happens when one split-named person marries another split-named person.  Does their kid end up with four last names?"  Well....?

Where do they come up with this stuff?  ;)



  1. Imagine generations from now when people with two last names keep marrying each other. Eventually you could have someone with like ten last names. Try fitting that on the back of a jersey!

  2. Just do it like they do in India and name everyone Patel.

  3. Ha Ha as one with a split last name I can say it is a growing thing in our culture. The South American and other Latin communities have been doing it for thousands of years.

  4. All of my female college friends who ended up with hyphenated names have since rid themselves of their maiden names and conformed like everyone else. Hyphen names are a pain in the ass.

  5. Hah - we should do it like Iceland, where people seem to think that last names are highly overrated. You don't have the same last name as your parents. A person's surname indicates the first name of the person's father + either "son" or "dottir."

    Jon Einarsson has a son named Bryndis, his name will be Bryndis Jonsson.

    Jon Einarsson has a daughter named Helga, her name will be Helga Jonsdottir.

    Naturally, the telephone directory is alphabetized by first name then. Reminds me of my mother-in-law who put Tim Johnson under "U" for "Uncle Tim."

    How to Shit in the Woods...LOLOLOLOL!

  6. Three editions? Really? Has the process changed that much that they needed to republish?

  7. Wow! There really are books for everything. I think I could even figure out how to shit in the woods. Although, if I didn't have T.P. I wouldn't know which leaf was safe to use.

  8. When I first got married I didn't hyphenate, but I used my maiden name as my middle name. And signed my checks with the whole name. Yeah, that lasted for about 2 years. I think I stopped using both names when I was working as a legal assistant & had to start notarizing wills & trusts & such. After you sign your name 8 times in a row on a regular basis it loses its allure :)

    I've never had to shit in the woods, but I HAVE peed. And you know, for a woman, it really is an art :)