Wednesday, April 10, 2013

North Korean Generals are like raccoons....

....they like to collect shiny objects.  "Sorry guys.  We can't give you any food, but how 'bout a few medals?"  

Some of those medals look suspiciously like coke bottle caps that have been beaten flat.  Did you ever do that as a kid?  I wonder if they have their bicycles with baseball cards clicking the spokes just off camera?


A few weeks ago I decided to give up foods and drinks containing the artificial sweetener aspartame.  I had read that one of its side effects was joint soreness and my knees were killing me.  I put away my beloved Coke Zero's and I feel much better today.  I did take an anti-inflammatory for a couple of days so that might have had some effect, but basically I think I just OD'd on aspartame.

Maybe not.


Has anyone heard any gossip about the next iPhone?  I'm eligible for an upgrade and I'd really prefer to stick with another Apple vs a Samsung, but IMO the one thing Samsung has over Apple is their much larger screen.  I just read that worldwide this past quarter Samsung outsold Apple 70% to 21%, leaving 9% for everyone else.

I'm hoping Apple still has some of Steve Job's passion left in them and will get out a worthy competitor with a comparable screen size to Samsung's.  As it is now they're getting creamed.  If the next iPhone doesn't have a bigger screen, am I going to have to wait another full year for them to get their act together?

That's all from me today.  If it's snowing where you are, stay warm.  If it's pretty out, enjoy.  ;)



  1. I heard Samsung is coming out with an even bigger screen, something like 6 inches. That has to be almost the size of my Kindle. At some point they have to remember cell phones are supposed to be portable right?

    I saw a funny meme with that North Korean photo that suggests to defeat them we just need a giant magnet--someone get Acme on the phone!

    1. You're right PT. If its phone screen was any bigger it would be a tablet. I think what Samsung has now is just about right for my tired eyes.

  2. Mrs C likes her Samsung. I hate it because we don't have compatable chargers.

    My biggest complaint about artificial sweeteners is they do no help you lose weight. Seems counterintuitive, but apparently they just excite your sweet tooth and cause you to eat more. I am sticking to natural sugar when given the choice.

  3. I was going to mention the magnet meme - PT beat me to it!

    Ugh - ok I might seriously have to give up my Diet Sundrop. Sigh.

  4. Everybody has an iPhone or a Samsung, but I like my Sony Xperia T (the Bond phone). It has a 4.6" screen. Bigger than an iPhone but much smaller than my BlackBerry tablet :-)

  5. I wanted to add, just give me the sugar!

  6. I want to see that magnet to scour Facebook!

    I'd love to have an iPhone or a Samsung or even a Windows phone...but I'd hate to shell out all the money I'd have to pay for a contract. That would mean so much less money for chocolate!

  7. Here in Portland it's rain, sun, rain, sun. I still don't own a cell phone.

  8. Hahah...that medal photo is the best yet. Too funny.