Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I never cease to be amazed at the gullibility of some people.  What I've noticed, however, is the divide between "educated" gullibility and "ignorant" gullibility.  An example of ignorant gullibility is the scam from the "National Bank of Nigeria" telling me my fortune is waiting for final disposition, AFTER I send them a sum of money for the last bit of legal work, of course.  Obviously they're pushing people's "greed" hot button.  I guess it works or else they wouldn't keep sending out such emails.

Educated people are probably too smart to fall for that.  Instead, those trying to get into educated wallets tend to aim for our "vanity" hot button.  I can promise you if you've ever written a letter to your Senator or Congressman, or contributed to any politician's campaign, your name is on their sucker list.

I regularly get correspondence on official letterhead from the Chairman of both the Republican and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committees commending me for my "thoughtful reasoning and civic responsibility".  They tell me I'm the kind of person Senator _____ would like to have on his Grass Roots Steering Committee, advising the good Senator on issues that affect us all.  

But first, of course, Sen. _____ must get re-elected.  Won't I please be a sport and give (pick one) $100, $500, $1,000, or more?  And as a thank you, Senator _____ will rush me a lapel pin signifying to the world what a VIP I am.  WooHoo!

(Umm....can I wear a lapel pin on a T-shirt?  After Labor Day?)

Have you been anointed like me?  Does your Senator call you by your first name?  Are you on his Rolodex?  Do you have a personal invitation to stop by and visit Sen. _____ anytime?  I do, 'cause I'm special.  (He said he would be in his car somewhere.)  



  1. Sadly I'm not that special. But I do get like four emails a day from the Obama campaign because I bought a car magnet. I still get emails occasionally from the Clinton Foundation for donating some money after the disaster in Haiti a couple years ago.

    What's hilarious to me is when they send me these "No on Proposal 2" fliers and robocalls decrying collective bargaining. If they'd done any homework they'd know I'm in a labor union. Duh.

  2. apparently I'm only on the ignorant gullibility list. and for that I am most grateful.

  3. Maybe you shoud forward the Nigerian bank stuff to the Senator wanabees and vote for whomever does not send you a thankyou letter back.

    I've never been courted by either party or my vanity might just trip me up, but i'm thinking...hmmm. aide to the Great Senator Lowandslow...how much do you want?

    Nice post!

  4. Years ago I wrote to my congressman asking for passes to tour the White House and Capitol building because we were going to be visiting DC. They were out of passes for the White House (got in anyway) but we did receive passes for a wonderful tour of the Capitol building. I waited afterward for a letter requesting a contribution but one never came. Ron Wyden was the congressman, now our senator. I still support him.

  5. Steve....Imagine that...a REAL public servant.

    Joe...(pick one) $100, $500, $1,000, more. ;)

    Ellen....I guess "ignorance" can be bliss, huh?

    PT....careful, or that car magnet will wind up costing you $500.


  6. My Senator from Virginia Lives two houses over. He in turn brought Tim Kaine to visit us in our neighborhood.

    They personally hit me up for money. Funny, my Virginia Senator is a Republican that ran as a Democrat. Kaine is running as a democrat but is really a Centrist/Republican.

    Anyhow, I generally make fun of them and their political aspirations. The political game is not remotely how it appears on TeeVee....

    In fact the two party system is really a one party system with extremes on both sides.

    In the end it is all about power and money.


  7. Governor Romney sent me a personal letter asking for my opinion on topics for him to discuss in a debate with Obama, said my opinion was important, I think the donation form was more important :)