Friday, October 26, 2012

There's no turning back now

OK, it's official....I'm retired.  I checked my bank statement online yesterday and there it was, my first Social Security check.  There's no turning back now.  Not that I'd want to.  It's a nice little chunk of change, but it's an odd feeling to see money appear without feeling like I worked for it, at least recently.  Getting paid now for work I did 40 years ago just feels....strange.

The promised cold front finally arrived yesterday and it's a doozie.  This morning at 0600 it was 50 degrees, but the wind was blowing 25 mph, making the wind chill feel like 44.  Let's hope the leaves take the hint and start changing colors.

Friends here on Blogger who live up north keep showing scenes dominated by reds and oranges and yellows, while I look outside here and still see lawn mowing crews.  Here's hoping my east coast friends can make it through the "Perfect Storm" the weatherguessers say is coming their way.

I had some free time yesterday ('cause I'm retired....see above ;), so I went and voted.  The line wasn't too long and I was in and out in 10 minutes.  I really felt cheated, though, because I know that regardless of how or even if I vote, the outcome in my county and state isn't in doubt.  I'd like to see a little suspense, you know?

And finally, my "Things That Chap My Hide" for the day:  I hate it when I'm trying to make a sandwich involving peanut butter and I'm down to the very bottom of the jar.  There is no way to get the PB out without getting it all over the handle of the knife.  Klutz that I am, it's a short jump from getting it on my hand to on my clothes and in my hair.

Listen up JIF....make your jars shorter and wider at the top.  They'll still pack and ship just fine.  Trust me.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Maybe you should try a spatula for when you need to get down to the bottom. Or just clean out the gunk at the top first.

  2. I second the vote for short fat jars!

  3. That goes for mayo too - what a mess! Of course, this is from the woman who had her fried egg sandwich explode all over her yesterday (I'm not even going to tell you all the places I found egg yolk - sheesh!).

    I guess that's the nice thing about living in Ohio. Apparently we are hugely suspenseful. Sure hope my guys win!

  4. First time commenting on your blog. How exciting to be retired!! (I figure I have at least 11 more years before I can draw Social Security if it is still around by then). I'm with you about peanut butter and like another commenter said about mayo too. Always messy; never a pleasant experience. I do like your concept for shorter jars indeed!

    Good for you for voting early too! I don't think my area is offering it or I would take advantage of it. Regardless of knowing the outcome or not of an election, the best thing is we get out and exercise our right to do so, right?

    Enjoy the day!


  5. Hi Betty....I appreciate you visiting me here. I hope you can come back often. I'm coming to vist your blog shortly. I agree, SS does seem to be on thin ice. That's one reason I retired early, to get some of what I put in before it possibly disappears.

    Bug....OK, I'll expand our movement to include mayo jars, too.

    Joe....What say we organize a million man march on Washington to protest PB and mayo jars. Hey, we're retired. What else we gonna do?

    PT....Hmmmm, spatula. Might be worth a try. Good idea.

  6. Congratulations on your retirement. I've got about 15 more years to go.

    In Germany, mustard and ketchup comes in tubes, like toothpaste. Why not peanut butter? It would be a lot less messy!

  7. I felt the same when I began collecting my Social Security, it felt funny getting a check and not working for it, but my wife told me "You earned it, you have been putting it back all these years, it is yours" how could I argue with that.

    I too have already voted and like you I know where California stands--sigh, it would be funny if it goes the other way.

    Yes a shorter wider peanut butter jar, that would work :)

  8. Can't Luke help you out with that excess peanut butter? Just drop the knife on the floor.

  9. Hey, pal, congratulations on your retirement. I was talking to my brother on the phone today about impending oil money from a small amount of North Dakota mineral rights. (Speaking of money arriving without working for it!) He said maybe we should take a picture of the first check. He said our dad did that with his first Social Security check. Enjoy yours, Scott!

  10. Yeah first check! I want to be retired when I grow up!

    We are having enough rain and wind to make all the leaves come off so it does look like fall at least.