Friday, October 19, 2012

Things that really chap my hide....

Passwords.  Hate 'em!  

I've written about this before, but nothing has changed and they're still chapping my hide.  Typical security question:  "What was the name of your first elementary school?"  xxxxxxxx

"Incorrect.  What was the name of your first elementary school?"  Hmmm....maybe it's case sensitive?  Xxxxxxxx

"Incorrect.  What was the name of your first elementary school?"  Listen up, dammit.  I went there for six friggin' years.  I KNOW what the name of my school was.  It's xxxxxxxx.

"Incorrect.  You are now locked out.  You must jump through 6 incredibly difficult hoops in order to regain access.  Get ready to give blood and have your DNA tested.  Oh, and bend over."


But there is hope.  Yesterday I heard that some nerdy inventor, apparently just as fed up with passwords as me, will soon release a new program/app that uses "biometrics" (retinal scan?) to determine the legitimacy of a user.  You look into the camera on your computer (or iPhone?) and it can tell if you are really "you".  

I could be the face of this product....the poor Goober who never can remember all his many passwords. I doubt I'm alone on this.


Bureaucrats.  I think they're profiling me.

When building a new home we have to provide to the city building inspection department a "form and elevation survey".  This confirms that the home is not being built outside the allowable building pad (not too close to the side or front or rear property lines).  It's also to confirm that we are at least at  the required minimum elevation above sea level (to make sure we're not in a flood plain).

I turned mine in on the project we have underway now and two days later they kicked it back.  The subdivision plat they have on file shows one side property line to be be 164.22 feet long.

My surveyor found it to actually be 164.23 feet one-hundredth of a foot longer.  That's about 1/8" difference. Big Whoop!  It made absolutely no difference in whether the home was properly within the pad.  We had plenty of space to spare all around.  

I had to call my surveyor and have them redo it to show the .22, all because some bureaucrat didn't have enough sense (or the authority) to make the call.  Grrrrr!

For the record I appreciate legitimate building inspections.  I know first hand that there are plenty of builders who stay up late thinking of ways they can cut corners to make a few more $$$$, quality be damned.  Inspectors need to hold their ground.  What I described here, however, just borders on harassment.



  1. I would love for retinal scanners because I can't remember passwords either. Though crooks can get around those. You just poke out someone's eyeball like in "Demolition Man" or you can swap eyeballs like in "Minority Report." Which those scenes make me queasy.

  2. Borders n harassment? You are too kind.

  3. I can almost guarantee you that, at some point, the retinal scanner will somehow decide that you are not you. Technology is a wonderful thing, but bugs will not be denied!

  4. I've used the same password for everything since I've owned a computer. I know it's wrong but my memory is just not good enough to have a variety of them.

  5. Steve....Yes, but when they "lock you out" they require you to reset your password to a new one. That kinda screwed up my one "password for all" plans.

    Jim....Yes, you just know SOMETHING somewhere, sometime will short circuit. Then it's back to the drawing board all over again.

    Joe....Yeah, but you know what a PC pussycat I am. ;)

    PT....I'd just as soon not think of such gruesome stuff. Ewwwwww!


  6. My pet peeve is those "confirm you are a human being by typing these blurry and/or warped words". What, do they think my cat logged on or something and this is they're clever way of catching her out?

  7. Hi Kellie....Yes! I agree. And if a robot wants to read my blog they can help themselves. Why should I care? They're probably reading them now.


  8. Those security questions that you need to answer for the time when you forgot your password and they need to email you a new one? A friend of mine answers everything with beer.

    What is your mothers maiden name? - Beer
    What is the street that you grew up on? - Beer
    What is your favorite drink? - Beer
    What is the name of your first elementary school? - Beer
    What is your favorite pet's name? - Beer

    She is a smart, smart woman!

  9. I have 3 regular passwords I use, but still forget which one I used where! So, I have all my sites, blogs, emails, etc. in an excel sheet which, yes, I do refer to often (oooops). So, if any crook finds that sheet, I'm a goner! lol

    Pixel: good idea! I'm TOO honest to think of doing something like that (Scott knows me and coudl probable conferm that)! heehee

  10. I have actually had the same problem, answering the question with a correct answer then having it kicked back, all my passwords are written down and I do change them regularly, I am in real trouble when I pick up the wrong list.

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