Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not a very happy day

First, the good news:  We received a brief respite from all the political news.

Now, the bad news:  We have to watch all the disaster and misery taking place up and down the east coast as the result of hurricane Sandy.  What I noticed, however, is that all the news is covering is the disaster in New York City. If I lived in New Jersey or Pennsylvania or Rhode Island, etc, or had loved ones living there, I'd want to know what was going on there, too.  I guess the media is just taking the path of least resistance....no surprise. My prayers today are for all those affected.

Thank God for all the rescuers and first responders, especially the US Coast Guard.  Are they great or what?


I spent yesterday afternoon at my daughter's house sitting with her very sick, elderly dog.  Moxie has been sick since last week, and after tests their vet says all indications are he has liver cancer.  They were on the verge of having him put down, but he suddenly perked up, started eating and wagging his tail.  They hoped he was getting better, so they brought him home.

As I suspected would happen, he started throwing up again and showed signs his end was near.  My daughter had to go to school (she's a teacher) and my SIL had to go out of town on business, and I just couldn't let that poor dog lie there all alone, so I sat with him and stroked his head and petted him and did what I could to make him comfortable.  

Fortunately he didn't seem to be hurting.  He just slept.

Update:  I just heard from my daughter (7:45 am).  They had to take Moxie back to the vet late last night.  They put him down.  :(  

RIP good friend.  He's now in good company with my Tara and Emma.



  1. It's so painful when our beloved pet friends leave us but that pain pales in comparison to all they give us. My condolences to all.

  2. So sorry about Moxie. I'm glad you sat with him for the day - it was probably good for you AND him.

    You're right about the coverage - and yes, it is pretty traumatic to have that much damage in a place with that many people, but still, NYC isn't the only place in the universe!

    (Speaking of NY, someone posted something on FB yesterday that said, "Rename the storm A-Rod - then it won't hit anything!")

  3. So sorry for the loss of Moxie; great looking job. Our pets do become part of our family and it is so hard to let them go when it is time.

    It is hard to see the destruction of the storm on the TV; I can imagine being part of it is even worse indeed. I wonder about the sanity of some of the newscasters out in the weather reporting it. But I do agree with you, any first responder is a hero to me!


  4. Poor dog, and all those poor people on the East Coast. What a bummer of a day.

  5. Poor little fella. Aren't you pleased that you kept him company on his last day. That must have been a comfort.

  6. Good for you, Scott. So sorry about his departure but at least one of his last memories was of you and your kindness.

  7. So sorry about Moxie. It is so hard to let them go...

    My cat had taken to sleeping on my son's bed after sleeping with me for years. She liked the old, fuzzy, ratty blanket on his bed. However, the night before I took her to the vet to be put to sleep, she came and slept in my bed. It was as if she wanted to say good-bye by staying in my bed one more time, for old times' sake. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of that last night.

  8. Sorry about Moxie, our pets become part of the family really quickly and losing them is harder on us than most folks realize, I'm happy you got to sit with him for a while, you being there had to be a big comfort.