Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is Blogger broken again?

Are we all in a coma?  This place has been DULL the past several days.  Was it something I said?

It looks like the highlight of my day will be taking my car for a bath.  The weatherguessers are saying no rain for the next 5 days, maybe longer, so I'm goin' for it.  Saturday is my youngest grandson's birthday party (2 yrs old), and I'm taking Monday off for the holiday, and that's pretty much it.  Unless some excitement presents itself soon I just might slip into a coma myself.

Impress me with your whirlwind life, somebody.  :)



  1. Oh this weekend is a whirlwind alright...I probably won't be back till Tuesday.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Definitely a whirlwind going on around here, as well as some emotions. Son graduation today, my mother wants to take him to lunch, but he doesn't have time for it, lol, I was NOT getting in the middle of THAT even though he tried to dump it on me!

  3. Yeah, I'm having problems leaving comments on some blogs. Don't know if its just the computers at work, the time frame I try to make the comments since I work nights, or some other factor.

  4. geeez, I'm gone 3 days and already you're starting to complain! LOL

  5. As it happens, yes it is. It has been since monday, but only for certain users. Certain users are finding that they can't post comments, or in some cases can't post to their own blogs!

    I can post and comment, but I can't use API clients.

  6. Dorrie see it's proof men complain lol...for once no blogger probs to report but on the upside happy its a 3 day weekend

  7. Today I can't post pics to my blog