Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A terrible thought.....

So we finally got Usama bin Laden. Wonderful news! But we interred his body at sea, and all we have now are photos and some DNA, which we used to "definitively" identify him.

But appearance-wise he looks to me a lot like that guy from the Oakridge Boys they let go, or maybe a member of ZZTop. Are we sure they're all accounted for?

And is Pakistan/Yemen/Saudi Arabia, etc. like Arkansas? I mean does EVERYONE there have the same DNA?




  1. I at first had some questions as to why was the body so quickly disposed. Then someone pointed out that burial at sea prevented it from becoming a focal point for revenge or adoration although I'm not sure Muslims do that thing like Christians.

    I'm just glad he is gone.

  2. ZZ Top has a guitarist missing. Could be trouble....

    The Seals are awesome. The joke was "Thanks for the Ride" from the Navy to the rest of SOCOM.