Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's good for the goose....

....should be good for the gander, too.

I recently read a report (unconfirmed) that 71 current members of Congress have credit scores too low to qualify for a credit card. This is interesting because there has been a controversy ongoing for years about who can see your credit score and how it can be used to help/hurt you.

For instance, insurance companies regularly look at your credit score, and if it's too low, they deny you coverage. They claim that people who are poor credit risks are more likely to have excessive claims. Many employers look at the credit scores of job applicants, claiming it is a good indicator of a person's character.

Here's my point: Why don't the voters get to see the credit scores of the candidates who are seeking our votes? If it's really a good indicator of a person's character, how come we have 71 members of Congress who are so sleazy? Ya think maybe we should have asked to see theirs before we elected them?

And if our congresspeople refuse to divulge their scores, shouldn't they vote to prohibit the use of credit scores by others such as insurance comapnies, prospective employers, etc? Fair is fair!

These days, thanks to the inept leadership we've received from Washington and the subsequent financial mess they've left us, there are lots of people with less-than-pristine credit. Fortunately mine is still excellent, but an accident, a serious illness, or a pink slip and who knows......?



  1. Perhaps their representative REALLY represents their constituents? I would speculate that from the swamp comes the "Swamp Thing"

  2. Its a depressing thought but I believe our glorious elected representatives are just reflections of the people who vote them in office.

    In other words we get what we pay for and largely deserve.