Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strengths & weaknesses

I've recently been challenged to list my strengths and weaknesses. Here's some of what I've come up with:

Strength: abundant common sense; Weakness: an unwillingness to gamble big

Strength: I react predictably; Weakness: I react predictably

Strength: dependable; Weakness: not adventurous

Strength: hard working; Weakness: too focused, can't relax

Strength: calm, collected, not a yeller; Weakness: not excitable, not passionate

Strength: neat and organized; Weakness: annoying to the "free sprirted" types

Strength: "old school" ways often work just fine for me (If it ain't broke, don't fix it); Weakness: slow to embrace change

Strength: think before I speak; Weakness: hard to read

Strength: not afraid to take a stand; Weakness: slow to compromise

Of course there are lots more. Now I'm afraid to Google "stick in the mud" for fear I'll find a picture of myself. It's hard to just throw caution to the wind and live on the edge when it goes against every DNA thingy floating around inside you. Is it possible to do a 180, or even a 90, to just chuck everything that feels so natural, and just "go for it"?


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  1. Wow- what a great list. It has me thinking that I should make one as well- although I have NO idea what I would write.. I have a feeling it's harder than it looks.